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 Dear Resident,

We want to Emphasize the importance of Crime Reporting in our area

We have established an area map of the LCS boundaries with all the relevant address info and residents contact details per stand in the area.

The view and contents of the  actual address data plotted on the map will only be available to the LCS committee and the Block coordinators. LCS assures all residents that this information will be kept confidential.

This info will be used to plan patrols, coordinate operations and manage incidents.(E.g. Calling owners of a property to obtain access during operations).

We have posted a map called 'Incidents per Address' under the Incidents -Map  tab on the web. Please click on this link and have a look at the overall view of crime in our area.

The document is in a PDF format.

To quickly zoom in and out, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scroll with the mouse wheel. (Works with 95% of windows applications).

We have plotted the incidents (with applicable icons)against the addresses were they occurred. The description of each icon can be found in the legend on the left side of the map.

The accuracy of incident information is dependent on the information we receive from residents.

Please make use of the Incident Reporting facilities on the web to enable us to plan a pro-active approach against crime.

If you are unable to use any  of these facilities ,contact the block coordinator and ask him/her to capture it on your behalf.

Emergency Numbers

Police:               012-644 8600
Fire Brigade:   10177 / 012 310 6400
Ambulance:    10177 / 012 310 6400
Metro Police:   012 664 4445

 LCS operasionele nommer is: 


   (Save this number on your phone with a speed dial code)






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